Types of Diabetes

Type1:   It is diagnosed by the condition in which, the pancreas fail to produce enough insulin, which causes the blood glucose level to increase. It is less common and only 10% of patients suffer from type-1 diabetes. It usually occurs before the patient is 40 yrs old. The only solution to this problem is insulin injections. Type 1 diabetes is usually causes due to genetic reasons. Continue reading “Types of Diabetes

Foods that help in reversing Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that cannot be treated. But with self monitoring, medications and changes in life style, it can be managed easily. The medication and self monitoring routine can be finalized after discussion with a medical care provider.
Here are 10 super foods that can help you beat diabetes:
1.Apples: Continue reading “Foods that help in reversing Diabetes

How To Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes – A Silent Killer
In 2012, in a study conducted it was found that nearly 10% of the US population was suffering from diabetes. And nearly 1.4 million people are added every year to that list. So much so, that diabetes is the 7th most common underlying reason for death in the US. Continue reading “How To Reverse Diabetes Naturally”

Bored of Being Obese, Then Follow These Steps

Obesity – the lifestyle disease
Let’s start with the shocking fact. Nearly 39% of the human population around the globe is overweight and out of which 15% is obese. Out of these, the highest number of obese people is in the US. Obesity is a lifestyle disease can causes a number of other health problems like hypertension, stroke, and liver damage as well. It is the leading cause of death in the US. Continue reading “Bored of Being Obese, Then Follow These Steps”

How Yoga Can Change Your Life


Yoga, which was once considered knowledge that only rishi’s and mystics has now been catching everyone’s attention. So much so, that around 140 countries celebrated international yoga day. What differentiates yoga from the other form of exercises is how it focuses on body’s natural tendency to heal itself. Continue reading “How Yoga Can Change Your Life”