Foods that help in reversing Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that cannot be treated. But with self monitoring, medications and changes in life style, it can be managed easily. The medication and self monitoring routine can be finalized after discussion with a medical care provider.
Here are 10 super foods that can help you beat diabetes:

Don’t know about a doctor, but an apple a day does keep diabetes away. Apples have low calorie count and high fiber content which reduces appetite and helps to keep the sugar level in check.

Beef is an excellent addition to the diet for good health. It provides ample protein to the body and gives a boost to the metabolism which in turn helps in reducing weight. Make sure to go for the leanest cuts.

Flaxseeds is a rich source of protein and magnesium, both of which help the body in efficient use of insulin. They also provide the necessary fats and fiber required for healthy metabolism. Add these brown seeds in your diet today in form of salad, yoghurt or have them just like birds – raw.

4.Olive oil:

Olive oil has anti inflammatory properties, which are so strong that some say it acts like aspirin. It is full of good fats, which helps in maintaining cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood. It is liquid gold for people with heart and diabetic problems. Add it onto salads, breads, potato or just about anything and everything.
5.Peanut butter:

Diabetes and butter don’t go hand in hand, but with peanut butter it’s completely opposite. It is full of mono saturated fats which not only fills you up and helps you lose weight but also keeps the sugar level in check. Have it with boiled vegetables for a nutritious and fulfilling meal.
6.Sweet potato:

Substituting a sweet potato instead of a regular one will lead to 25% less increase in sugar level. Also they are super rich in carotenoids and a compound occurring naturally in plants known as chlorogenic acid which helps in treating insulin resistance.

No one likes to finish their greens esp. broccoli. But this super food is full of fibers, vitamin c and antioxidants which when combined together give a boost to the metabolism and reduce the sugar level. You can play hide and seek with it by adding them in your diet in form of soup and casseroles.

Avocados are full of monosaturated fats i.e. good fat, which not only helps in losing weight but in maintaining the blood sugar level.  They also have high content of fiber and nutrition which helps the digestion process. Have it raw for extracting maximum benefits from this amazing fruit.

The biggest threat that comes with diabetes is a risk of a heart disease. The chances of it can be greatly reducing just by adding fish twice a week in your diet. It is packed with rich fatty acids which help in reducing insulin resistance.

They come packed with fiber and anthocyanins – a compound found in plants which increases the production of insulin in body. Add them to your salads or have them raw for enjoying nature’s very own M&M.

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